1. this kid kept trying to sell us a snake while we were on a boat.

  2. sunset in battambang

  3. it’s been exactly a year since i’ve been to cambodia. these photos still make me tear up everytime i see them. i miss these beautiful people.

    this is one of my favourite shots from the trip, and i never remember to share it.

  4. ed sheeran- from his sunrise concert: feb 2013

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  5. don’t mind me, i’m just uploading everything from last year because i forget to do it when i actally take the photos. oops

  6. so this was a photography assignment we got given last year- fantasy without photoshop.

    here’s my sister being a possessed floating girl which to be honest scares me each time i walk down my hallway. if you can’t tell, i dont like paranormal things. at all.

  7. parkside

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  8. shoal

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  9. shoal bay

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  10. the most frustrating thing is when you have ideas that you can’t express because you don’t have the resources, time or money. it’s driving me mad.